Revive your old wig

Hello ladies!

I’m sure we all have one or two old wigs that we are unsure about what to do with? As we are all in lockdown, now is the time to get out your old wigs and bring them back to life!

Don’t throw it away or leave it to catch dust, here are some things you can do to revive your old wig:

  • Replace the closure or frontal 
  • Take the wig apart and use the hair as a ponytail
  • Change the parting on the closure/frontal
  • Turn the closure or frontal into a full fringe wig
  • Cut the wig into a bob or pixie 
  • Add some colour to the wig
  • A deep conditioning treatment

You don’t have to abandon or throw away that wig especially if the hair is still in good condition. 

You can contact us today for help revamping your old wig we would gladly help you bring it back to life!

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